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A Humble Eulogy For Anthony Bourdain From Miami

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

It’s impossible to fully articulate how saddened I personally am by the loss of Anthony Bourdain. Shocked by his suicide as so many others there is little I can add that hasn’t already been said.

In his most recent episodes of Parts Unknown he was doing what he did best, traveling the world, asking questions, breaking bread with people of all sorts of people. Most recently I watch the episode where he travel to Armenia and the Caucasus, a region little known or at least acknowledged by us collectively and was blown away by the episode, the people he met, the countryside and the history and the hope.

Bourdain was a big fan of Miami, or at least he spent a fair amount of time here, like any good New Yorker. Many many years ago he had an outpost of Les Halles in Coral Gables, just as good as the two in NYC, but sadly the food was perhaps a bit heavy for Miami, Steak Frites and French Onion Soup doesn’t do well in 90 degree heat.

In various episodes of his various shows in Miami he got tattoos, ate with Quest Love and drank at Mac’s Club Deuce.

I think I can speak for so many of us when I say he will be sorely missed.

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