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Art Basel Miami Takes A Look At Climate Change

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Art Basel has come and gone one more time, like the shifting sands and the surf lapping up against the beach, it will return next year in what we can only expect to be more. Anyone reading this getting the not so subtle or carefully crafted references to #ClimateChange - sand, surf, waves etc... pretty poorly executed, but couldn't resist.

While it's admirable and absolutely correct that Miami Beach and indeed most of Southern Florida is literally ground zero for Climate Change, I'm not 100% sure that abstract artistic works are going to get people to think about Climate Change. The individuals that need to be convinced have probably never even heard of Art Basel and don't really care to think on or contemplate abstract art. Don't get me wrong, everyone needs to contribute and everyone needs to have their voice heard, but cold hard fact, hammering home the reality is probably the best way to get to people. A quote pulled from the Art Newspaper:

“We think it’s important to have artists at the table when these issues are being discussed,” Dennis Scholl, the president and chief executive of ArtCenter / South Florida says. “Artists are some of the most creative people in our society, and you don’t normally see them when you’re having discussions about water rising, or installing pumps in a community to make sure it stays dry.”

The Art Newspaper had fairly in-depth article on the art community focus on Climate Change.

Over the next couple of days we're going to post some of the works that were shown around this past Art Basel and in particular how it relates to Climate Change.

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