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Fabulous Faena Arts District Miami Beach

Updated: May 26, 2018

If The #SouthBeach Cultural campus was the early dive bar development of the beach, the #Faena District is the twisted overly ambitious sibling. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Faena Distirct, I love Alan Faena… more than anything I love a woolly mammoth skeleton dipped in gold in a glass case. The Faena District is over the top, it’s a circus and honestly, that’s kind of what it was always supposed to be anyway. Faena himself is a somewhat Willy Wonka-esque character. Still sort of under development it’s not really an area to walk around in, as a district it feels kind of closed in a little too exclusive, everything is inside of a property, inside of a hotel, a performance arts center. Snapping a photo with Woolly Mammoth is must, the food at Los Fuegos is amazing and the setting harkens back to a more relaxed bygone era. It’s more traditional, less modern, less sleek. A little warmer, a little happier, a little more magical – as others have rightly pointed out, literally Jeff Koons meets Baz Luhrmann.

If you’re looking for an appropriate commentary and trimming down of the hype that is Faena, then you can’t beat a NY Magazine article from March 23rd 2016 awesomely titled, The Woolly Mammoth In The Coal Mine. Think the Faena District is too fabulous, put it all in perspective.

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