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Jason Newsted Is Killing It In The Art World

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

Ok, maybe that’s a bit bombastic for a title, Jason Newsted, the former bassist for Metallica has, post king of metal days, nurtured and become something of an amazing visual artist in his own rights. After a shoulder injury in 2006 and a lengthy stint in rehabilitation he decided to pick up a brush and put paint to canvas. While it should come as no surprise considering his creative talent as a musician, yeah, he’s actually a good painter also. However, this is not some magical happenstance, he’s been painting since he was a teenager, but by his own recollection, his father boguth him a guitar, and well the rest is history. His canvases a bright and big and loud and edgy, literally, full of color and vibrancy. Newsted has been getting some very good press and has had a number of shows solo and otherwise. Pretty amazing.

Great write up in the Palm Beach Post, Newsted has been a resident of Jupiter FL for many many years and has his studio there. Seriously doubt that he gives studio tours or visits.

The image is from Jason Newsted, hopefully he does mind using it, titled Rockstar Triptych and appears to be for sale from the Gallery 55Bellechasse

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