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Justin Luke Gold Room At The Creek South Beach

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Found it. Not an easy task considering that much of the internet from the very early millennium wasn't archived unless purposefully done so. But yes, a good picture of the Gold Room, which was actually titled Ouro Puro, from The Creek South Beach. Nice. I definitely remember this being the room that everyone who visited the #hotel loved, and people who called up to make reservations would specifically ask if the room was available. It was just about as awesome as you could imagine - an entire room drenched in absolute gold paint. Russian oligarchs, eat your hearts out. I seem to remember that the mirrored tiger painting was found art as some amazing thrift store in downtown Miami, long before there was a Wynwood or Design District... other art on the walls were velvet random pencil drawings with gold frames... a gold sneaker, a gold painted electronic kids synthesizer... even the room phone, which I'm pretty sure didn't actually work was spray painted gold.

So besides having an eye for everything gold, seems Justin Luke still in New York City and has a gallery on the lower east side Audio Visual Arts that is something of an experimental sound gallery. When we recently checked the website was updating... Audio Visual Arts also has a Facebook page, which is probably more informative of their current activities.

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