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Level Design From The Creek South Beach Hotel

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Level Design, another artists collective that has since disbanded was the cooperative #design duo of John Southern and Laura Cowan. The working title given to their installation at The Creek was HOME - "HOME is about the freedom of designing one’s own space within the vacuum of the hotel room by giving the user a seemingly infinite series of “nest-making” solutions. It enables one to create many rooms and spaces out of one singular space. By doing this, HOME erases the sense of dislocation one might feel towards their #hotel space."

The room was divided up by different shades, in varied random placements on the ceiling, which could then be pulled down or retraced by the occupants to create divided spaces within the volume of the room. The shades from the photo above were either blank or had different silk screens that helped set a scene for the room, alternately providing cover and activity.

John Southern is still practicing architecture and design, he is currently the principal at Urban Operations based out of Los Angeles.

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