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Miami Elevates The Art Of The Parking Garage

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

The visionary behind the #DesignDistrict, Craig Robins is never one to sit still, as the passionate activist behind the revitalization of the once decrepit neighborhood just over the 41st street causeway. Robins has been tinkering for years, bringing his version of creativity and excitement to the area. His latest project, Museum Garage, which you can easily be forgiven for thinking, it is not a #museum dedicated to garages, rather it is a curated built garage designed by multiple different artists, where each of the five facades are completely different. While it’s got a lot of wow factor from the images we’ve come across online, it isn’t really all that new of an idea, Ken Fields did something similar with artists at The Creek way back in 2002 and of course Herzog and DeMureon built the first architecturally significant garage on South Beach with their 1111 Lincoln Road project.

The garage will accommodate up to 800 cars over 7 stories. The actual creative process by which the project unfolded was a bit more complex than simply hiring five different designers, Patricia Garcia, writing for Vogue gave a better explanation than I as to the process. Terence Riley oversaw the whole project and was one of the designers, along with J. Mayer H, Clavel Arquitectos, WORKac and Nicolas Buffe were the other contributors.

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