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More On The Inkheads Graffiti Collective

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Since last post was on the Creek room by the Inkheads graffiti collective, got me to thinking I might do a little google search just to try and see if I could find anything on them. Actually dug up a good article, interview from some time ago. These guys have pretty legit street red if they can date back to the mid 80's. Read the full interview at Miami Graffiti, but here's a snippet:

"InkHeads really started in the Bronx with Edec. He had been living in #Miami For a long time and went back to NYC to finish high school and was there painting a lot with UW crew. But, he started his own crew that was concentrating on using mainly ink to get up. He had a few guys like Rash, Nate and Rave with him. He moved back to Miami in 1991 and we were already good friends and he saw I had been bomin' Miami Beach with markers and shoe polish so he asked me if I wanted to get down with this name " Inkheads "... I said yes and then we went bomin'. In Miami the first people were Edec, Cer and myself ( Ease ). My brother Faz, Shie, Rage, were there too. The crew was put together of writers from different crews and with prior history from all the early days of the 80s. We painted a lot in those days with Abomb, Dash, Seam from Vo5, Dekay from FA, Junior from AIM, Sar from Alive Five, Even from DOM, mad people were part of our family and style."

Personally I happen to think Jel Martinez is an incredibly talented artist and hopefully he does mind me borrowing an image from his website to give him a little props... also if you want to keep up to date on his latest work, check out his instagram Jel Martinez.

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