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Official Art Around Miami Re-Launch Announcement

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

It's been a long time and for those who have followed the site it was pretty obvious that the whole thing was in need of a big overhaul. I apologize for the relative inactivity, lack of updates. While there are any number of excuses, more than anything the re-design of the site has helped me to get excited again. Looking at an old website for months on end can get a little depressing, it doesn't look great so you don't want to put all that much effort in to it until you have the time and energy to really give it the attention it deserves.

Well, as of yesterday it's official, or at least as official as a press release will allow you to be. Over the coming months I'll be making a concerted effort to post updates and news on a somewhat regular basis. In the long run, hopefully Art Around Miami will grow to become a go to online destination for independent commentary and opinion on the arts and design scene in Miami and beyond.

I took the time to write it, so if you feel like taking the time to read it, here's the official press release Art Around Miami Set To Launch Its Re-Designed Website Focusing On Art, Design and Culture In Greater Miami And The Beaches.

I sincerely hope to spend at least and hour or two a week working on reporting on the latest events, artists, hotels, cultural happenings, et cetera that make our town so amazing. Stick with me, bookmark me if you like or even tweet out a link or two.

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