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Reflections On Current Art Basel Gift and Curse

Living in Miami we all have something of a love hate relationship with Art Basel Miami, there are those who think it is the most fantastic wonderful fabulous thing that has ever happened, and there are those who pretty much spend the week at home trying to avoid the maddening crowds, we all known that the beach itself is a no-go zone.

It's neither here nor there, you can safely be in either camp and be somewhat right, it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for the actual real art and intellectual scene, Miami may not really be the place for you, if you want the party nightlife scene, well, Miami speaks for itself.

For an excellent perspective ArtNet did an excellent piece on the differences and opinions between all the various Art Basels that have sprung up over the years - The Gray Market: Why Art Basel Is Both a Gift and a Curse (and Other Insights)

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