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The Kenny Scharf Mural At Wynwood Walls

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

I have always personally really loved Kenny Scharf’s work. From a purely asthetic perspective it’s fun, it active and lively, happy and silly and thought provoking. So much art seems to demand a certain gravity that can be overwhelmingly heavy. Art should of course make a statement, it should make you think, it is a form of human communication, but sometimes maybe that communication doesn’t have to make you think about all the injustices or unfairness or those without a voice… sometimes maybe what we want to communicate is just a sense of feel good.

While his entry in Wikipedia suggests pop culture meets apocalyptic science fiction, wouldn’t necessarily disagree with that, his happy smiling faces make for some more than that.

Very happy to see that he got a wall space in Wynwood, while maybe the idea of the Lynwood Walls as public art for younger up and coming artists is a fantastic idea, it's amazing to see Scarf represented as one of the early pioneers of legit street art.

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