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Kim Keever Buckets of Paint And An Aquarium

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Kim Keever’s art isn’t maybe what you would expect if someone were to ask you what happens when you let loose a NASA scientist with buckets of paint an aquarium and a high speed camera, all of those individual facts seem curiously incompatible at best, but the results are magical. Keever’s work described rather inarticulately basically consists of taking paint and dumping it in to the aquarium and then photographing the results, what transpires, is worth seeing for yourself – it’s emotional, evocative and worth a personal interpretation rather than a dimly conceived commentary from yours truly.

Off hand, can't seem to recall any particular showing in Miami or the beaches and his work, purely from a size and scale perspective wouldn't really work with the large spaces of the Wynwood or Design District spaces... while the process may be big the results are encapsulated within digestible frames.

Keever has an amazing instagram account where he showcases a good representation of his work, it is incredibly well worth visiting.

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