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Look Back At Miami Art Week 2016

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Daniel Weintraub who is better known as Halopigg and contributor to 1xRun did a crazy job of covering Miami Art Week 2016, apparently having snapped something like 2000 pictures while wondering through the event. There is no way to compete with that, hardly having the time or the energy. We did find what is considered the best of the best from that week. Check out the Top 35 artists from Art Week, some very well known names and some on the up and coming list, all very talented.

Lots of great new work in Wynwood and around the rest of the arts districts in Miami.

A few of the artists shown:

Fintan Magee

Damien Mitchell And Mike Maka


Patch Whiskey

Case Maclaim

Zio Zielger

Mr June

Shepard Fairey

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